Crawling and Walking

Here’s the latest video from Aidan’s work with Stephanie and Yuji at the Spiral Movement Centre. In addition to the obvious functional gains, Aidan now moves with more freedom, confidence and joy.

Spiral Movement Centre

Aidan started working with Yuji and Stephanie at the Spiral Movement Centre in November 2013. This is in addition to swimming. Here is a video they did in March 2014 of Aidan learning to crawl.

Backstroke and recovery (stands up)

Here you can see Aidan’s backstroke ending with him standing up on his own. He still often needs a bit of help to stand up but sometimes he’s standing up without any help, like in this video.

His fine motor control is really improving lately and I attribute it to the swimming. His core is stronger and he’s able to stretch his arms higher. Both these things help with fine motor control.

Thank you to our donors!!

Thank you to all who donated items for Aidan’s silent auction. Over $4,000 was raised.
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